Leslie Ungar, The Inner Brilliance of Electric Impulse, Inc.

Keynotes & Programs

Leslie G. Ungar redefines how we improve performance, one leader at a time. Her competitive edge comes from the entrée she has into the executive world, the 3,000 presentations she has conducted, and the PBS show she hosts. Leslie Ungar breaks the mold of traditional keynote speakers. With her unique perspective, Leslie coaxes and challenges the audience to identify and communicate their competitive edge. Her message lingers bridging the gap between your present plateau and your performance potential.

“I left the KNOW meeting so inspired by you. Your knowledge and energy is motivating.”
— Janie Parish

Listen to Leslie, then look in the mirror and let Leslie Ungar change how you see yourself!

  • Cowboy Up: Round Up Your Untapped Potential
    You have a competitive edge. Chances are that you haven’t correctly identified your potential. It’s time to Cowboy Up – do the hard work to get over your obstacle. Or your potential could just stay untapped for a long, long time.

    Your Round Up – needs to include:

    • Cowboy Up to truly identify your value to your market
    • Learn to see your value through the eyes of your audience
    • Drive yourself to differentiate you and your skills
    • Where to sit at your next meeting: who to sit next to and who not
    • The ability to be heard and have influence regardless of your title
    • Pony Up in all facets of communication from formal speaking to that dreaded 30 second answer even cowboys dread

    Drive your next Round Up when you ride your value to get results, move your agenda forward, and communicate your Brand, the promise of your potential.

  • HorseTalk: Lessons in Leadership
    Tired of the same kind of professional development: a room, a speaker, and a bored audience. The new trend is “experiential learning” where you get to experience on your own not just listen to talking heads.

    This keynote will share the highlights of this kind of learning with your audience. The actual experience is special because it involves 4-legged teachers.

    If you watch Shark Tank, you may have heard Mark Cuban excitedly proclaim, “people want to get outside, they want to get off the couch” before committing $2million dollars in experiential entertainment.

    Audience members will learn how horse guided learning is a unique way to uncover and rediscover how to communicate value in a company and in a marketplace.

    Hear about how a horse helped participants understand:

    • The audience decides your authenticity not YOU
    • Use the right command, at the right place, at the right time
    • You give direction from the front and motivate from behind
    • Talk and walk with confidence: A horse-and a team-will follow a confident leader
    • Stay out of the kick zone
    • Uncover behaviors that negatively impact team members and clients

    Audience members will learn about this new option in Leadership Development.

  • Develop the DIVA Within
    The word DIVA has different connotations to different people. The definition I use is
    “a woman although difficult, we can’t live without”. Don’t you want to be someone that people can’t live without????

    Women and men have challenges. They have different challenges. This talk is designed for women to help them get out of their own way, to help overcome our specific challenges. The goal is to be women without whom others just can’t exist.

    5 of the 7 Steps to “Get Out of the Way” of your Inner Diva:

    • End Sentences with Voice Down
    • Don’t Talk Through Defining Moments
    • Begin at the END. Be Your Own GPS
    • Have the Confidence to Ask Questions
    • Obligation to Pass the W Test

    Leave this talk with action steps a DIVA can implement immediately!

  • C-Stands for Chief
    As you move toward or in the C-level, you want to strengthen your leadership, magnify your influence, and pave the way to bring others with you to accelerate your journey as a leader. C–level executives face unique challenges:

    • The C-level job is infinite and the learning curve is unforgiving
    • C-level executives can find strength in being seen
    • 35% and 50% of all CEOs are replaced within five years
    • The loss of a leader creates a loss of identify and direction

    This keynote benefits you and your organization. A C-level person needs the skills to connect in order to unlock their ability to grow. C-level executives need to continue to navigate and accelerate their journey as a leader.

  • There is Power in Documenting Your Story
    Every society since the beginning of time tells its truth through stories. Your story is one of the most powerful tools you can use to engage and connect with your audience. The power of a single story goes far beyond simply relaying facts and data and can be a highly effective tool to move your agenda forward.

    • Decisions are made on emotion and defended with logic
    • Numbers are rarely memorable
    • Stories engage your audience beyond facts

    Storytelling connects the speaker, helps us make sense of the world, and communicates our values and beliefs. Your story can speak to your audience in ways that numbers, data, and PowerPoint simply can’t.

    Give yourself the gift of the ability to tell a great story.

“Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to act as the Keynote Speaker for the Ohio Women’s Bar Association. The response was an overwhelming “WOW!”
— Pamela Houston, President
Ohio Women’s Bar Association

Leslie’s Workshops

  • Speaking Boot Camp – Be the Speaker Your Audience Deserves
    Are you ready to get up to speed on speaking with Poise, Power, and the ability to Persuade? Do you make Verbal Lightening? Leaders Need to Speak. Get a comprehensive overview of the speaking skills necessary for leaders: the laws of communication are clear and finite. Learn how to strategically integrate your ability to communicate into your ability to stand out in your company and your profession. Learn through hands-on individual work as you identify and leverage the strengths within you.

    This half day or full day boot camp will cover how to:

    • Be memorable
    • Convey confidence-create a WOW factor
    • Package your points effectively
    • Create powerful openings
    • Be persuasive
    • Rise above your nervousness
  • Clarity College – Protect Your Value
    In this interactive and relevant workshop, we will brainstorm ideas and solutions to the toughest challenge facing 21st leaders in today’s business climate: Clarity. There is great value in reducing the complex to the simple and leaving an audience of one, or one thousand, with the clarity of your message.

    When you raise your level of clarity you will raise your level of excellence. Whether you are seeking a promotion, more sales, or more influence in any part of your life, you will benefit from Clarity College.

    In this half day or full day workshop you will learn:

    • To influence and control conversations
    • The value of transforming the complex
    • Create your personal power
    • Become a marketing machine for your message
  • Extreme Brand Makeover: Catapult from Commodity to Brand
    What’s all the Buzz About Brand? We Don’t Decide. We Perceive. Perception is the future of your marketing. Is your product, service, or idea perceived as a commodity or a brand? Do you have an emotional brand connection with your customer, client, patient, guest, or member?

    You’re an expert in your field and now you have to leverage that expertise to become your own Brand.

    In this half day program you will learn:

    • Boost awareness of the value of a Brand
    • Connect with customers
    • Reinvigorate a brand
    • Transform customers into brand advocate