Leslie Ungar, The Inner Brilliance of Electric Impulse, Inc.

Video Coaching Program

Are You An Effective Speaker?

Would you like to know what you can do better?
Have your speaking techniques evaluated
without leaving your office!

What would be the benefit of a professional speaker evaluating your speaking skills?

Would you like to know what you are doing right when you speak?

Video Coaching Program

With Leslie G. Ungar, respected speaker and executive coach

Electric Impulse Communications introduces this innovative, results-oriented, and convenientcoaching option. You will work with Leslie directly in this program that gives you her professional critique without having to leave your city!

Leslie G. Ungar, President of Electric Impulse Communications, Inc. and a Communication Specialist, is available to do just that and give you feedback that is customized to YOU. 

In this program, Leslie provides you with an expert, objective, real-time critique on your speaking skills that will take you to your next level of excellence. She provides you a personalized verbal evaluation, and techniques that will enable you to be able to communicate with clarity and confidence. Skills that are required to effectively create “buy-in” and ignite applause!

These 21st century strategies will help you engage, motivate, and inspire your audience — each and every time! She works with you and gives you actual tips and techniques to help the organization, delivery and content of your speech.

Who should enroll in the Video Coaching Program:

  • Professionals who understand the benefit to their career when they take their communications skills to a higher level.
  • Executives, managers, professionals, business owners, and salespeople who have the discipline to implement tactical advice and specific techniques.
  • Professionals who see the value of a sounding board to ensure objective validity of their current performance.
  • Individuals who understand the value in higher visibility within their company or within their profession.

How the Video Coaching Program works…

  • Send a 5-12 minute video or digital segment of one of your actual or simulated presentations with your professional and speaking objectives.
  • Leslie reviews the segment carefully to critique you and your message.
  • Then talk by phone for up to 60 minutes with Leslie, as she gives you valuable tips, strategies, and techniques on how to deliver a powerful presentation.
  • One follow up call is also included in this program after you have implemented techniques reviewed in the first conversation.

You will benefit from both concepts and concrete steps to immediately improve your presentations.

“Leslie Ungar has done extensive executive coaching and speech preparation for Omni Realty Companies (myself included). Her approach is always very creative, original, and effective. Leslie immerses herself in improving the success of her clients. She is fun to work with and always enthusiastic about her business.”
— Patrick T. Finley, Managing Partner
Omni Realty Companies
“You are fantastic. People continue to see me and tell me what a good job I am doing. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your help. I have said it a thousand times, but it’s not enough.”
— Frank Stams, Former pro football player
Current color commentator
“Nobody is better at making you better than Leslie Ungar. Leslie’s advice and approach make a lasting, worthwhile, and profitable impression.”
— Lynda Hirsch, Nationally Syndicated Columnist
TV personality

Why Video Coaching? 

  • You have a career defining presentation to deliver SOON
  • You need to improve your presentations to grow in your career or business, but aren’t sure if you are ready to make a real commitment
  • The impression you leave is critical and you are striving to make it the best in can be

What is the fee?

One time fee of $657 includes Leslie’s review of your video and your objectives, a one-hour phone call, and one follow up phone call.

Why Electric Impulse Communications?

Leslie’s competitive edge comes from the:

  • 3,000 presentations she has conducted,
  • Time/Warner cable show she hosts,
  • Monthly column she writes for the Palm Beach magazine, Affluent,
  • Numerous regional and national publications in which she has been quoted and published.

Leslie brings a unique voice to improving individual and company performance.

Leslie’s Video Coaching program offers valuable critique while allowing you to work effectively from your office. No travel, no off-site meetings.

Every person has unique and intangible qualities, what we call your Inner Brilliance (IB). Your Inner Brilliance can be identified and leveraged to significantly improve your confidence and performance in every public speaking situation.

The problem is that sometimes you get in your way. We all do. So we help you Get Out of Your Own Way! When we provide video feedback we focus on using the strengths you know you have, and the hidden talents you may not know even existed!