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Information for Meeting Planners

The following will answer many of the logistical questions you have and will help you plan your event.

To answer your questions about payment:

  • Your total investment includes: Leslie’s Speaking Fee plus expenses. Expenses include coach airfare to and from your destination, ground transportation, meals at actual cost, parking fees, and hotel. You are also responsible for all A/V equipment and handout duplication. In some instances workbooks and materials may be provided.
  • A 50% deposit and a signed program agreement will secure your date.
  • The balance of your professional investment is due sixty days prior to Leslie’s arrival at your event.

To answer your questions about travel arrangements and expenses:

  • Leslie typically makes her own airline reservations and ground transportation arrangements.
  • Additional expenses that you will incur are lodging (for as many nights as needed), A/V equipment, and handout duplication.
  • Ordinarily the meeting planner will make the hotel arrangements. Leslie usually arrives the afternoon prior to the engagement, to allow for travel disruptions, and may need an additional night depending on the time of day she is speaking at your location. A non-smoking room in required.
  • Leslie would appreciate any meals that are included with your event to be vegetarian.

To answer your questions about room set up and A/V equipment:

  • A hand-held cordless microphone is necessary so Leslie can interact with the audience in her characteristic “untethered from the podium” style.
  • Leslie does not speak behind a lectern. A podium will help the line of sight and other speakers.
  • Leslie can deliver her presentations with or without Power Point. If your budget does not allow for an LCD projector, Leslie can do her presentations very effectively without Power Point.
  • One small table may be needed for Leslie’s props. If Power Point is used, an additional small table and extension cords will be needed for the LCD projector and laptop.
  • You will receive a copy of Leslie’s introduction prior to the event. Leslie will bring an extra copy with her. It is helpful if we can have a moment or two with that person prior to the presentation.
  • If you are duplicating presentation materials, we will send you masters at least 45 days prior to the event. Please note that all of our materials are copyrighted. Please do not make any changes to the materials without discussing them with us first.

To answer your questions about available resources:

  • A free bi-monthly e-zine, and/or the opportunity to be on Leslie’s blog list will be offered to all your attendees. Your attendees will benefit from Leslie’s twist on everyday business lessons.
  • A plethora of articles Leslie has authored are available for free downloads on this web site, to use in your publications or for your personal use. Or Leslie can write an article especially for your group, to publish prior to or following her presentation.


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