Leslie Ungar, The Inner Brilliance of Electric Impulse, Inc.

Electric Impulse Communications, Inc.

How Electric Impulse Got Its Name

Everything I Know About Leadership I Learned
Riding to the Winner’s Circle

My company, Electric Impulse Communications, Inc., was named after a horse!

The first Electric Impulse+ was a big, white Arabian Stallion. Impi, his barn name, was an ugly grey duckling that grew into a magnificent white swan.

He was bought on an “impulse” and would eventually be named one of the Top Ten in his horse show division in the United States and Canada, and third in the World.

Impi taught me lessons that inspired Electric Impulse, Inc. and lessons that I try to teach others through keynotes, presentation skills training, and one-on-one coaching.

Impi was more than his show record.

As all of us are more than our resume. Impi was even more than his record of wins. Impi embodied the spirit of a true professional, he understood the importance of being on when the spotlight of life is on you, he excelled beyond his capabilities, he never gave up, he knew how to make an entrance, he understood the importance of practicing the basics, he believed he could compete with and beat unbeatable competition, he was willing to listen and work to be the best he could be, and he knew to shine when his picture was taken.

What I learned about presenting a competitive edge in a competitive field:

  • Teach the how
  • First impressions count
  • Practice in the environment where you will be presenting
  • Appearance can beat talent
  • Know how you are being evaluated
  • Being tentative is a negative
  • Only 15 seconds are important
  • The best horse does not always win
  • Know what to do in different crises situations
  • An effective coach makes the difference

Hawk Hill Goddess

Impi’s stall mate was a mare named Hawk Hill Goddess. Goddess was a National Show Horse, a registered breed started in the 1980’s. Goddess took a different route to success. She was a Top Ten star in her field at four years old, the youngest Half-Arabian to win a performance championship at the famous Buckeye Sweepstakes. The challenge with her was to maintain early success. Goddess, Boo-Boo as we called her, taught me a different set of lessons, which apply, to all of us in any speaking situation:

  • We are not as fragile as we think.
  • Perseverance beats potential most of the time.
  • Timing can be everything. Sometimes you only have to be at your best for 15 seconds.
  • Less can be more.
  • The value of mental and physical time off.

I learned many lessons in communication,
leadership skills and life on the back of a horse
and at the end of a shovel!