Leslie Ungar, The Inner Brilliance of Electric Impulse, Inc.

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Crain’s Cleveland Business

Leslie Ungar, owner of Electric Impulse Communications, characterizes Diamond as a strong leader who can make connections with people that help them reach their goals.

“She has the ability to see where she wants to go and to connect with her team and her clients along the way,” Ungar said. “She happens to use those skills in the playground of finance but she could take them into anything.”

Demo Dirt Website: Nobody Likes a Tattletale

Newspaper draws criticism for breaking news of McCain’s alleged affair.

Most importantly for the senator, says Ungar, “He trumped the New York Times. He put the ball back in their court.” After McCain’s response the allegations, the paper’s reliance on “unnamed sources” was condemned.

The Palm Beach Post: She works hard for the money. so they better woo her right

‘The irony is that’ downscale women’ shouldn’t relate to Hillary Clinton: She’s better educated and has had more opportunities, She’s more traveled, is more ambitious And has had fewer children, But she’s what they aspire to be.’

PRWEEK: PR TECHNIQUE Speechwriting: Good ways to deliver bad news

“Three T” structure of speechwriting: Tell them what you’re going to tell them, tell it to them, and tell them what you told them. ” It’s especially important in a crisis time to give them a mantra that you can repeat.”

Canadian Women in Business: 5 Tips for Making Trade Shows Work for Your Business

“A trade show isn’t just about setting up a booth and waving hi to passersby. Most companies consider trade shows a great way to meet potential clients; find new employees; indentify dealers, reps and distributors; network; troubleshoot and establish industry positioning.”

The Plain Dealer: Will language ever make its way back to the future?

Leslie Ungar blames ” everyone who hopped on the going forward bandwagon. Like drops of Water, each person saying the words ‘going forward’ was not the problem. Everyone seemingly saying it all the same time became a tidal wave.”

ExecuNet: Looking and Acting the Part: Present Yourself as a Winning Executive

“The high-level executive is now selling himself. He/she needs to follow the same 21stcentury selling strategies for themselves as for a product or service.”

Bankrate.com: How to turn your hobby into a successful business

“Many times we love to do something, but that doesn’t mean we love the process we have to go through to enable us to do that thing and make money.” For example, you may love yoga and have the skills to be a great yoga teacher, but if you don’t like selling – – placing advertisements, convincing people to take your classes, glad – handing at trade shows – – then yoga should probably remain a hobby. “You may love your hobby, but ask yourself if you will love the marketing you will need to do to enable you to ‘do’ your hobby?” Ungar also reminds would – be entrepreneurs that when a hobby becomes a business, the approach to the activity changes. “Will it still be a passion when you have to work at it?”

ExecuNet: One Size Company Does NOT Fit All

“An executive should choose one size company over another because of fit.” “An executive can know what the best fit is only when he/she knows his/her own ego, strengths, style and work/family balance.”

Microsoft Small Business Center: Got e-mail manners? See these dos and don’ts

“Don’t write it if you wouldn’t say it”.

Excerpts from the SHRM Consultants Focus Area: Finding Value in Teambuilding

“Over-the-top teambuilding excursions or adventure teambuilding,” does not work when teambuilding. Such activities may bring a group closer together for a day or brief period of time, and may serve as effective bonding activities, but they are not sufficient to achieve long-term results. “An event by itself is not the magic wand. Teambuilding events require facilitators who can connect the dots for all in attendance. They need to see and hear how the lessons and value of the event apply to their everyday lives,” Otherwise, “it’s just an excursion – which has value but no take-home benefit.”

Demo Dirt Website: A Heated Race What role does sex appeal play in the political election?

“Sex appeal is one of the many factors that fit under the umbrella of communication. Like all aspects of communication, sex appeal is more important to some voters and less important than others,”

Timesunion: A couple who works together.

Ungar finds that couples who work together often to forget to address many topics, Including who answers the phone, who pulls all-nighters, how much money is budgeted for marketing, how to agree on days off. And, well, who’s the boss.

ExecuNet: Innovator Makeover

The benefits of becoming an innovator reach beyond self interest. “Innovators should be ready to go to the next step – to be able to tell the marketplace with clarity why change is needed, and how it will help business “. “Historically, many innovators have died broke or unknown ” “Innovators that show leadership are the ones who are successful – those who can identify the strengths of their team and the people who can take ideas to market and prove business value.”