Leslie Ungar, The Inner Brilliance of Electric Impulse, Inc.

Team Building

Have you ever thought about what makes up a team
 in your organization?

Is it a group of people showing up at the same time, in the same location, wearing the same logo?

Or is it a collection of people, with different educations, different life experiences, different ages, who show up with the common desire to solve problems and move their company forward?

Every team member has a different value they bring to their team. The newest member has a different value than the veteran. The maintenance person has a different value than the CEO. In a teambuilding exercise you learn to identify different strengths. Teams need different strengths for their everyday challenges.

We offer teambuilding that is fun, exciting, and has a mission to achieve certain focused performance results. In the events that I lead, the goal is to survive by consensus one of two survival exercises. We conduct these teambuilding events with the “Leslie” twist.

Whether you are trying to survive the desert or the arctic or win a foot race on the inflatable obstacle course, encouraging teams to work together has benefits to your company. Imagine an overly vocal member who learns that their ranking of salt would cause certain death. What if the highest ranking person had their assumption “to go or stay” challenged by the new guy. Your teams work more effectively when they achieve balance among their members.

One of our survival exercises will create for your team a new, unpredictable situation that lends itself to outcomes causing participants to exhibit new leadership abilities.

Is there a teambuilding event in your upcoming schedule?

  • Team Building Exercise #1 HorseTalk: Lessons in Leadership

    HorseTalk is a unique approach to the coaching process. It incorporates one of life’s natural leaders, the horse, along with a human coach to create a safe setting for exploration. The horses provide immediate feedback and insights, allowing you to learn quicker and move faster in your development process.

    “HorseTalk: Lessons in Leadership” is a one-day workshop for executives, their teams and business owners.

    Here are just a few of the outcomes from this day: 

    • Heighten awareness of leadership styles
    • Uncover your appreciation or lack of for team dynamics
    • Learn “no” when you mean no & “yes” when you mean yes
    • Uncover behaviors that negatively impact your clients & employees
    • Earn trust more quickly by aligning what you do & what you say
    • Try new leadership styles, communication methods and relationship-building tactics in a safe environment

    If you can get a horse to trust and follow you, you can do the same with people!

    Prior experience with horses is not required. All leadership activities are done on the ground. No riding is involved.

  • Team Building Exercise #2 Desert Survival Simulation
    It is 2:15 PM on August 6 somewhere in the Sonora Desert. You are looking at the charred airframe of the light twin-engine plane you were riding in 20 minutes ago. Although everyone is shaken and in shock, no one is seriously hurt.

    Right before the engine failure, you heard the pilot report your position…

    The almost intact, empty 3 x 4 x 6 tail section is all that remains…

    An inventory turned up 16 items that were scattered around the crash site.

    You survived the crash. Now your task is to survive the desert.


    • Decide your over-all strategy
    • Rank order the items in importance to your survival
    • Come to consensus
    • Become a marketing machine for your message


    • The right answers are in the right questions
    • Focus on the result rather than the problem
    • Don’t break the pick on unsolvable problems


  • Team Building Exercise #3 Life is a Circus Inflatable Event
    Three inflatable challenges are set up as the ringmaster conducts a three ring circus. (Inflatable) Obstacles to success, (Inflatable) Jousting with client service, (Inflatable) bungee to run toward synergistic team qualities.


    • Solve verbal challenges as a team
    • Brainstorm most effective strategy for each event
    • Identify team member’s strengths correctly


    • Involve the right people in problem solving
    • Good ideas often go unrecognized
    • Distinguish between objective and course of action


What is the fee?

Teambuilding events are customized for each client. Pre-event interviews and post-event follow up are options that may be value-added to the event itself to maximize a more permanent effectiveness.

Cost quoted upon request