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Can You Handle a Sales Superstar

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10 Qualities to Look for in a “Closer”

You may not be able to handle one. The sales superstar is not for everyone, not for every company, every owner or every support staff. You know the saying, “be careful of what you wish for . . .” If you get the superstar you better be able to handle him/her. The thinnest pancake still has two sides. As positive as the superstar may be to your company, they still have a down side. You better be sure your internal clients, your marketing team, social media, Internet, customer service –whether they are all the same person or you have separate teams, the superstar is going to put pressure on everyone in their planet. That is why and how they are genetically pre-disposed to sell; they deflect all other pressure, requests, and problems to other people.

1. Energy
A superstar has to have and exude energy. While it is a requirement for anyone in business today, it is true more so for the sales star than even the CEO. Everything about them has to say I’M MOVING FORWARD. Lethargy is lethal for a salesperson. Someday is not a day of the week.

2. Social media know how
The sales star of the past could be successful in spite of social media. It just is not true today. Jimmy Fallon uses social media unmercifully for The Tonight Show. Everything needs to be connected in the virtual world. And so does your super star.

3. Technologically savvy
Browns owner Jimmy Haslam, a billionaire, got crucified on the Twitter world for being photographed with a flip phone. It doesn’t matter why he had a flip phone. Even if you are a billionaire owner of an NFL team, you still have to communicate that you are up to date. Especially important for a salesperson because Willie Loman is always in the rearview mirror.

4. Hunter mindset
There is never enough for a sales star. Not enough leads, not enough trade shows or contests or clients, customers, or members. A star has to have the mindset to hunt 24/7.

5. Bad at details
The star tests their customer service people but at the same time needs their customer service people to deliver on the details the star promises. I have never seen a star good at details. You are either good at details and an average salesperson, or a star at sales and bad at details. You can always hire someone for the details.

6. Dress much better or worse than you
Depending on your profession, the star salesperson should dress much better than the CEO or much worse. Don’t be offended if the star dresses better than the CEO, he/she should.

7. Follow up like a warrior
The sales star has to love follow up like a duck loves water. How do you know? What did they do with you throughout the hiring process?

8. Laser focus on the decision maker
A sales star knows they need the decision maker. Other people can be satisfied with the opportunity to present to anyone. Not the star. They need to laser focus for the decision maker, the person who can say YES.

9. Be able to communicate their value in a sentence
How does your product, service or idea make the prospect better? The star can communicate that in the time it takes to walk across a room.

10. Ability to rebound
Selling is tough. Even for the star. Being able to rebound is like air – necessary. Not an extra it is a requirement.

Here is a bonus tip. If your star is really a star, he/she should make close to what the CEO makes in salary. Don’t financially punish the star for being good. Don’t keep changing the compensation package so the star makes less money. Be proud that your star is in the 1%.

The super star in sales is not for everyone. But if you are looking for that person, look for these qualities. Anyone can say they can sell, make sure they are bad at the details.