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Missy the Wonder Dog
She Lived Life on Her Terms

We buried Missy today. If my love could kept her alive, she would have lived forever.

Many of you met Missy in my office, read about her, saw her picture on the water treadmill, on my PowerPoint or the back cover of my book. Perhaps she joined you in my office while she sat near your feet. She was my wonder dog. A blonde cocker rescue that was determined to live her life the way she thought it should be lived.

Most of you didn’t know Missy prior to her surgery. She was the kind of soul who bounded three steps at a time. She ran where others walked. She jumped where others hopped. She lived for a ride in the car with Moshe where she sat shotgun on the front console (and I was demoted to the back seat). Her will and determination could raise a sleeping adult to go downstairs in the middle of the night when she deigned a treat necessary.

We buried Missy today, but her paw print will be on our hearts forever. She came to live with us when she was six years old. The first day she scared us so much we took Tim and left the house! She went on to terrorize the groomer and the vet’s assistant. She even intimidated her neurosurgeon. Missy did what Missy wanted to do. I was so proud of that quality.

Here is a reprint of the 7 lessons she taught me:

1. Face problems quickly

2. Assume the best

3. Listen to your inner voice

4. Live your life by your standards… mostly

5. Adapt begrudgingly

6. Fight continuously

7. Accept realities

Now that she has crossed Rainbow Bridge, I believe she is young and able to run and jump and her mind is whole again. And she is frolicking in the pasture with the original Electric Impulse.

We buried Missy today, but not her memory. Missy’s recovery three years ago renewed my belief that all things are possible. I hope that knowing her and knowing about her will renew your belief too

With special thanks to my Moshe, Metropolitan Vet Hospital, Dr. Axlund, Dancing Paws Animal Wellness, and Dr. Chris Dressler