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Uno and His One Defining Moment

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Tension mounted as the winners of each division entered the ring. Primped and polished each champion promenaded their victory lap. Some of the champions had winning ancestry going back to the Pilgrims. Others had handlers who were legacies in their own right. Still others were new to the title of royalty.

Best in Show at the fabled Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show was about to begin. The champion of each division would vie for this coveted title. One judge was flown in specifically for this prestigious competition. Asked how he would select his winner, he eliminated genetics, performance, and obedience. The judge knew going into the competition who would win first place. He prophesized that there would be a moment in the ring when he would just know.

Whether you are a champion dog, an executive, professional, or salesperson: there is always a defining moment when your audience just knows. How are you preparing for that moment? It’s not about how good you are or how well you do your job.

All of the dogs in the ring were champions, as most of your competitors are worthy. It’s about how well you present yourself in that defining moment. What are you doing to be prepared to win your Best of Show?

  1. Know when less is more and stop talking
  2. Know what you need to know about your audience
  3. Know what your audience knows about you before you say a word
  4. Own the Stage – own the audience
  5. Leave Jokes to the Professionals – Tell a Story for Major Impact