Leslie Ungar, The Inner Brilliance of Electric Impulse, Inc.

Written Testimonials

“She does great work. She kicks your butt and then gives you cookies. I’m the case study of turn arounds in comfortability.”
— Akron Mayor Dan Horrigan

“On behalf of the Akron Bar Association’s Women in Law Section, I would like to express my gratitude to you for giving your time and expertise as a speaker at the 2017 Leadership Empowerment CLE Seminar. Your contribution and knowledge added a great deal towards making the event successful and beneficial to the participants and was appreciated by all!”
— Jackie Billett, Director of Legal Professional Development
Akron Bar Association’s Women in Law Section

“Leslie – I was just thinking of you as I had a quick presentation to our group leaders last week and afterwards our upcoming CEO told me that he really enjoyed my sense of style and thought I was a great presenter! He liked how I infused a bit of humor and personality into my business update. I told him thank you and that I appreciated the feedback as I had some extensive coaching to get me there!”
— Rebecca White

“Please accept my belated thanks for a great two days. I enjoyed the challenge of learning to think on my feet again and the good pointers you provided. Every morning since, there’s been a little Leslie in my brain helping me choose that day’s attire!”
— Edwin L. Cable, CPA, CFP, Director of Gift Planning
Denison University

“I am so thankful you allowed me to attend your bootcamp. I cherish what I have learned from you and the profound effects it has had on interactions I have made here in Columbus.”
— Sarah Yusufi

“Your expert advice was very effective and helped me in ways more than I can describe. I felt more confident as I nervously walked in to my interviews and tried to follow the things that you had suggested. With your help, I obtained admission into a prestigious college with a direct path into the profession of my dreams- Dentistry! I can only wish I had more time to do additional lessons. I am so grateful to have been able to learn so much from you at such a young age, and I hope to retain these pointers for the rest of my life. Thank-you for all you did for me and the positive attitude and confidence you instilled in me. I miss those “Oreo” cookies!”
— Ria Vij,Student

“I am pleased to inform you that I have been accepted into the University of Toledo Medical School. My interviewers graded me high and said that I interviewed very well! Thank you again for editing my papers and your time during my sessions!”
— Richard Jordan, Student

“I have been thinking about you a lot lately and just wanted to share a couple things with you. Wanted to let you know that I received another nice bonus at the end of the year along with a raise for 2016, 2015 was one of the greatest years I have had with my personnel and professional life. I feel I owe a lot of that to the tools you have given me to become a better employee, friend, wife, mother, sister, daughter etc….. and Thank YOU for everything you have taught me!”
— VP of Operations at a private company

“It seems appropriate to wish you a Happy Mother’s Day because you birthed in all of us hope and inspiration for us to be the best we can be. God has called you to do your work with us, and I am but one of your grateful students.”
— Judge at the Akron Municipal Court District

“I just led my first successful 45 minute meeting with 20 people!! I am so excited- you have no idea! It’s all thanks to your help 🙂 🙂 “
— Stacie J. Kilgore, Business Development Manager
Panther Premium Logistics®- An ArcBest Company

“Leslie- You were fantastic. Thank you! Across the board, people thought you were the perfect person for us and felt the time was well spent. Not sure where we will go in the future, but we do have interest in bringing you back to campus to work with staff. I am glad that our paths have crossed.”
— President of a Private University

“Thank you for everything you did to prepare me and my colleagues for presentation to our Board of Trustees. Your guidance and coaching enabled us to put our very best feet forward and to move to the microphone with confidence and energy. The retreat was a great success due in large measure to your work with us earlier this month. Many, many thanks!”
— Member of the Leadership Team
Private University

“You have been a great mentor and coach to us. I did not realize how much I grew via you until I was able to actively implement it in a new setting. Almost 4 seasons!”
— Greg Wurgler
Electrical Components International

“Our journey from the valuable insight in the initial rehearsal session, to the finer points uncovered from the subsequent session, and your final advice of not over rehearsing and focusing on “connecting the dots” was so valuable in helping me tackle my intense fear of public speaking.. I will continuously reference your insights and leverage your coaching advice for the remainder of my career. This personal growth that you have fostered is truly appreciated! I have received accolades for my presentation from various attendees and peers… I owe that all to you.”
— Dan Martello, Director of Business Development
Fathom Digital Marketing

“I wanted to share with you that today I made my presentation to the McDonald Restaurants Owner/Operators asking for a million dollars for our Capital Campaign. If you recall, the fact I was going to have to do this was the main reason I came to you for guidance. Well today was the presentation and it went very well and we received our request. I want to thank you for all the techniques and thoughts you passed on to me. Although I was a bit nervous I can honestly say I stood before this very large group and presented myself in true “Ungar” style. It was amazing all the things that flowed back to me and I was able to use to make a compelling and well thought out case.
Also my Board relationships have greatly improved and I am managing to keep my “horses” in check. Thank you again Leslie for your invaluable direction and motivation.”
— Anne Collins, Executive Director
Ronald McDonald House of Akron

“I have to say the you have encouraged me to recreate me. I will send you before and after pictures as soon as I get my head shot back, so you can see the transformation. Thank you for a wonderful session at Business Divas of Medina Conference.”
— Gerri Edwards
Medina County Schools’ ESC

“Electric is an understatement! I loved your message at the Business Divas of Medina Conference last week. You always amaze me, but never surprise me with you talent and authenticity.”
— Deborah Wasylko, MBA
Baskets Galore

“Working with Leslie throughout the years has been very beneficial for me personally and professionally. Leslie has a natural ability for raising the right questions in order to get her clients to realize and share their own unique strengths and talents. Spending time with Leslie and working with her is one of the most valuable gifts you can give to yourself. I wholeheartedly recommend working with Leslie – through one-on-one executive coaching, participating in her classes, attending her social events and reading her newsletters. She’s entertaining, professional, honest, direct and truly dedicated to helping her clients be the best they can be.”
— Marianne Lorini

“HorseTalk is a wonderful opportunity for self study, critique and reflection in a safe, fun environment! What a great learning exercise to be able to look in your own mirror and have the chance to work with other professionals towards self awareness in beautiful surroundings! Thank you for the great experience – I continue to work the process day to day and have grown professionally.”
— Deborah S. Plate, DO, FAAFP