Leslie Ungar, The Inner Brilliance of Electric Impulse, Inc.

Next Generation Leadership

How to Prepare the
Next Generation of Leadership

What if you could know at 18 what adults know at 50? Can you imagine the boost you and your life would have if you were an 18 or 28 year old with the expertise of someone twice your age?

Coaching next generation leadership will focus on an array of topics that all fit under the communication umbrella. Identify Your Value as a teenager or a college student interviewing for a specific major or internship, a new graduate entering the work place or a young adult moving up the organizational chart. All next gener’s benefit when they continue to learn externally and internally how to move their goals forward.

Through this coaching you will be assisted in learning how to be stellar in:

  • Challenges of Next Generation Leadership
  • Replicate confidence whenever and wherever
  • How to Tell Your Story
  • Network in Person
  • Dress for Your Success
  • Positive Social Media
  • The Interview – how to answer the WHY YOU?
  • The Ask – for promotion, bonus or better job
  • Pretty Woman: Learn Table Etiquette

Develop now your capabilities of next generation leaders in business and in life.