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Leslie G. Ungar redefines how we improve performance, one leader at a time. Her competitive edge comes from the entrée she has into the executive world, the 3,000 presentations she has conducted, and the PBS show she hosts. Leslie Ungar breaks the mold of traditional keynote speakers. With her unique perspective, Leslie coaxes and challenges the audience to identify and communicate their competitive edge. Her message lingers bridging the gap between your present plateau and your performance potential.

“Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to act as the Keynote Speaker for the Ohio Women’s Bar Association. The response was an overwhelming “WOW!”
— Pamela Houston, President
Ohio Women’s Bar Association

Listen to Leslie, then look in the mirror and let Leslie Ungar change how you see yourself!

  • Turn Challenges Right Side Up: When You Look at Things Upside Down
    You are looking at things upside down. The good news is, it takes just a twist to flip things right side up. You received a poor 360? Great! Why? Because now you have gold-feedback-to help catapult you to your next level of excellence. The bad news is that it is hard to make that twist without an outside perspective.

    In this keynote we are going to look at:

    • How to replace your inner dialogue in order to turn things right side up
    • Look at things differently so you are able to talk about them differently
    • Add action and commitment first through your mindset and then your words
    • Get buy-in for your point of view
    • Let your audience see the person behind the position

    Grow into the Rock Star you were born to be when you look at things upside down in order to flip them right side up!

  • Road to the White House: 7 Lessons You Can Learn from the Presidential Journey 
    So you think you will never run for President, Congress or dog catcher. You may think the journey to the Oval Office has little to do with your life. Think again.

    There are many lessons we can apply from the Presidential Journey to the White House:

    • It’s as much about how you say it as it is your message
    • Be authentic to who you are
    • Visual always counts more in verbal communication
    • Audiences remember one thing
    • Nobody likes a whiner

    Politics is an easy teacher because the examples are all so public. The candidate who consistently communicates their value effectively is the candidate who moves forward throughout this long interview and sales process. The same is true for you.

  • 100 Tips to Get Your Competitive Edge Right Side Up: Identify, Communicate and Protect Your Value  
    You have a competitive edge. Have you correctly identified your edge, your value? Do you take steps to protect that edge in everyday life, the business world and when you speak?

    This powerful keynote will help you:

    • Identify how to differentiate you and your skills in your market
    • Talk about your value, how you make someone better
    • Choose where to sit at your next meeting
    • Have influence regardless of your title
    • Know what parts of a speech to memorize

    Learn how to use your communication skills to help you navigate your journey to use your value to get results, move your agenda forward, and communicate your competitive edge.

  • Is Your Presentation Upside Down? Know the Tools to Flip it Right Side up
    You probably start your presentation at the beginning. Turn your presentation upside down by starting at the end. This keynote will highlight several ways to flip what you are doing in order to attain stellar results and ensure your career or business success.

    It’s your job to:

    • Connect with every audience every time. It is not the audience’s job to connect with you
    • Save time and gain clarity with a simple, solid speech format “The Plane”
    • Open and close with impact
    • Tell memorable stories and give memorable examples
    • Understand what your audience needs from you and your presentations
    • Identify the mistakes most amateur speakers make and how not to make them
    • Be remembered, repeated, and retweeted
  • Every Opportunity Has a Shelf Life: 7 Steps to Implement Before the Expiration Date
    Value is identified differently in the 21st century than it was just a few decades ago. Visibility equals viability. The more visible you are the more viable you are perceived to be in your competence.

    Because opportunities have a shelf life: they won’t always be there in this fast paced world. You need to be ready when opportunity knocks on your door or when you go and find where opportunity lives.

    • Identify strategic value in networking opportunities
    • Ask for everything: the meeting, the sale, the promotion
    • Knock people’s socks off when you answer “what do you do?”
    • Laser focus on the decision maker
    • Be a follow up warrior
    • Develop a peer level relationship with anyone

    To identify and leverage opportunities you need to do two things. First it is a mindset, and then you have to give the mindset a voice.

  • Everyone Has a Great Story: You’re Telling the Wrong Story and You’re Not Telling it Well 
    Your story is your competitive edge. It is your responsibility to identify your story, communicate it concisely and effectively and protect your story by telling enough without too much.

    Every culture has valued storytelling since the beginning of time. You can increase your value when you can effectively tell your story. Everyone has a story to tell but most people don’t know their story and don’t tell it well.

    This powerful keynote will include:

    • How to connect the dots
    • How to connect to the audience
    • Parts of a story to memorize
    • How to open and close with a wow
    • How to own the podium
    • When/where to practice

    To identify and leverage opportunities you need to do two things. First it is a mindset, and then you have to give the mindset a voice.

  • 7 Absurdly Simple Ways to Impact Your World When You Speak
    Everyone wants to be listened to when they speak. In order to build the ability to influence others first you need to look internally. Do you have the character, substance and style to build influence? Begin the journey to mobilize people, and sustain action to create and sustain leadership influence:

    • The ability to influence is an essential skill leaders need at all levels
    • The bottom line is that influence matters.
    • The person with communication power has the influence
    • As we continue to morph into a global and interconnected world the ability to influence will matter more

    Come and learn seven ways to advance your agenda in order to move you and your career forward. Once you hear the seven ways to communicate your value, you will think they are absurdly simple. They are simple. However, that does not mean they are easy.

  • Develop the Diva Within: Weapons that Empower Women to Speak and Lead
    Continue to Power Up Your Inner Diva. Leaders have challenges. Women leaders have a unique set of challenges. Not more difficult or less difficult. Just different. This is a topic central to your personal and professional development.

    The substance of this keynote will encourage you to identify your own qualities of presence. All leaders need to communicate with clarity, confidence and conviction.

    • Nine words women use and what they mean
    • How women communicate with women
    • How women communicate with men
    • Verbal uncertainty and other bad things
    • Collaboration: the two edged sword

    It’s not a woman thing or a man thing, it’s a communication thing.

  • Next Generation Leadership: Where Text, Talk, & Tweet Converge
    You are working in a multi generational workplace, whether you realize it or not. This is the first time in history that four generations, four very different generations are in the workplace at the same time. Why the first time? Those Baby Boomers just won’t retire!

    Flashpoints occur most often between Gen X and Baby Boomers. Baby Boomers expect everyone to think, act, and speak like them. Gen Y and Traditionalists round out the workplace equation.

    The quality of Next Generation Leadership will depend on:

    • Criteria for promotion, Age of company decision makers
    • Frequency and quality of feedback
    • Understanding the generations – who makes up each group and what external influences shaped their thinking
    • How you recruit the Millennial professional and what you expect when they arrive
    • The three major sources of generational conflict: work ethic, work/life balance and long-term career planning
    • How you motivate your managers to embrace the challenge of managing X/Y

    The good news is that deep down all the generations want the same things. They want to work hard, make a difference and advance in your organization. The bad news is they have their own ideas how to do it.

  • Every CEO has an Achilles Heel: Do You Know Yours?
    21st century leaders need to be different from their predecessors. And yet much the same. All leaders, since Troy, have had an Achilles’ Heel. The exceptional ones know their heel. The good ones often are oblivious to their own blind spot.

    To identify your Achilles heel you first need to separate the myths of 21st century leadership from reality:

    Myth or Reality?

    • You need to be tactical
    • You don’t have the same consequences
    • You operate by a different set of rules
    • You need to be consistent
    • Buy-in is not needed

    Your Achilles Heel lives in the place that you can’t see or others won’t tell you. In spite of overall strength, your Achilles’ Heel may be a weakness that can lead to your downfall. While the term originally referred to a physical vulnerability, we use the term to refer to a any vulnerability which you may or may not be aware.