Giving Your Mindset a Voice

Leslie challenges the listener to look at all avenues of communication as a marketing initiative. This includes things such as podcasts, webinars or teleseminars.

Using The Less Is More Concept

  Leslie discusses how audiences perceive and respond to presentations. She stresses the importance of conveying your message in a concise manner. Details are provided on what the structure of your presentation should be and how to wow your audience...
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An Honest Mirror

In this podcast, Leslie stresses the importance of having an honest mirror. Professional coaches can identify the “why” in the statement “why are some people so effective and good at what they do” and they are qualified in training their...
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The Power Of a Story

  Leslie shares the importance of having and sharing great stories. They get people’s attention, keep their attention and fhelp connect the dots. She explains the strategy of collecting stories and keeping them until it’s just the right time to...
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Dealing With a Force Of Nature

Leslie discusses what exactly a “force of nature” is, and how to work with somebody that has this personality type. Tips to do this include asking them questions to keep them accountable, looking past the messenger that bosses often use...
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Helping CEO’s To Communicate Effectively

  Leslie explains that communication has many spokes to it. Some CEO’s are effective in some situations and not others. CEO’s must have a vision, communicate that vision and obtain “buy-in”. She provides examples of how she has helped clients...
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Lessons We Can Learn From Celebrities

Leslie explains that everything in your speech should be there for a reason. She compares it to movies, in which every scene or thing said, is important to convey the message. Make sure you EDIT!

Presentation Secrets

  Leslie shares three tips to create a great presentation. These include, using a script, giving the audience more, and it’s ok that the process is not easy.

Making A Speech Memorable

Leslie explains that having a great line or doing something out of the ordinary can create your magical moment so that you are memorable.

Overcoming Brain Freeze

Leslie approaches the uncomfortable feeling we get before we present in front of a crowd. She explains that butterflies in your stomach are normal, and she gives us three ways to help overcome them. Deep breathing is first, counting backwards...
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