Identify, Communicate and Protect Your Value

Leslie discusses the importance of identifying your value, communicating your value, and protecting your value. How well can you answer the question, “so what do you do?”      

Tips For a Memorable Presentation

Leslie shares seven tips to make your presentation memorable.  The goal you are working towards is to be memorable, from head to toe. Tips include open with a wow, begin at the end, connect the dots for your audience, be...
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Overcoming Brain Freeze

Leslie approaches the uncomfortable feeling we get before we present in front of a crowd. She explains that butterflies in your stomach are normal, and she gives us three ways to help overcome them. Deep breathing is first, counting backwards...
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Presenting To The Board of Directors

Leslie gives us her best practices when presenting to the Board of Directors, or anybody that you need to answer to. She has 5 rules of communication that she shares so that we can better understand how to be effective...
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