Should You Memorize Your Speech

Leslie shares tips on how to give a successful speech as an amateur speaker. She recommends that you DO NOT memorize your speech.

The Importance Of Asking Questions

Leslie stresses the importance (especially from women) on asking questions. When you ask questions, it gives you visibility and visibility gives you viability.

Best Ways To Open And Close A Speech

Leslie explains that marrying your mindset and how you communicate is the key to a great speech. Your speech should try to persuade your audience, not inform.  Open with a wow, end on a thought provocation comment, add a call...
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Are You Taking No Too Soon

Leslie explains that often we buy on emotion and we justify with logic. If a client says no, it does not mean that you can not use communication to move forward and capture a sale down the road. Do not...
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Leslie stresses the importance of setting your mind on your end goal and persevering until you have achieved that goal.