21st Century Updates on Visibility Equals Viability

I have used the term VISIBILITY EQUALS VIABILITY for so long I don’t know any more if I read it somewhere or I coined it myself. No idea. A quick Google search finds no relevant history for this term I have used for close to 20 years.

A week ago a client/friend asked me this question. “Is social media included in my definition of visibility?” Their reason for asking was their belief that social media like Facebook contributed to his larger client pool.

When I talk about visibility I use a wheel with spokes for this analogy. Imagine a wooden wheel with multiple spokes within the entire wheel. Each spoke represents a different way to be visible: networking, small group settings, large group, facilitating a meeting, attending a meeting, prepared speech, impromptu speaking, everything from wedding toasts to eulogies.

My belief is that the more visible you are, the more viable people perceive you to be in your profession. Although there is not a direct correlation between the two, there is a perceived connection that appears very real.

I take this belief a step further and say that good things happen when you are visible. Although we can’t know what those good things will be, I believe they will happen the more visible we are.

Add social media. The more visible you are on social media whether it is Instagram or Facebook, Twitter or your messages through Constant Contact, the more you stay on people’s radar screen.

The rules are the rules. To me visibility equals viability is a rule in communication. Today visibility includes all facets of social media. Start with one spoke of social media and be visible. Do you really want to be the world’s best kept secret?

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