Six Lessons from Brad Pitt and the 92ND Oscars

I love the Oscars. Actually I love the potential of the Oscars. I love the potential that the next acceptance speech could be a great one or the next dress could be the best ever.

I am usually disappointed. The potential for greatness keeps me hooked and positioned on the couch early in the day so I have a front row seat.

Regina King in that phenomenal dress did not disappoint. Jane Fonda looked regal even though I am not a fan of going gray. Billy Porter chose the Oscars to disappoint, and Joaquin Phoenix proved that just because I don’t care for you doesn’t mean I can’t admire you.

People still wince when I say you need to watch the Oscars. I hold even more strongly to the belief that there are so many lessons to be learned. So what lessons did we learn from the 92nd Oscars?

  1. Last year they did away with an Oscar host. The ratings went up so the powers-that-be saw a connection between no host and better ratings. Maybe there is a connection and maybe not. What they did this year was have two FAUX hosts open the ceremonies: Steve Martin and Chris Rock. Lesson learned: sometimes there is a reason for a tradition. Someone or something has to open the ceremonies or your party.
  2. Brad Pitt is my new hero for two reasons. One: although let’s face it he is THE Brad Pitt, he was nominated and won this year for a supporting role. My guess is that many “stars” would not accept a supporting role offer. He did and he won the Oscar. Two: he made a political statement in about ten seconds. I always admire the use of the scalpel of clarity and he wielded it magnificently with his comment about the Senate and John Bolton. Lesson learned: say YES to all opportunities.
  3. Billy Porter rocked the Oscars last year in his fluid ball gown. He rocked the SAG awards and Golden Globes too. The NYT had a big article about his stylist and what they were planning for the Oscars. I mean it’s the Oscars. Billy Porter’s ensemble fell flat. That’s a problem with raising the bar. Lesson learned: you have to keep raising it.
  4. I am not a fan of Joaquin Phoenix. Not a fan of the roles he has selected and his comments in real life. Didn’t he say he was retiring from acting a couple of years ago? He won the Best Actor Award. He was so humble that he won me over. He stood there and said he had been a scoundrel, selfish, and difficult to work with. Yet people gave him a second chance. Lesson learned: it’s never too late to be gracious.
  5. No one looks bad anymore. I mean really bad. I miss the dead swan dress, Bette Midler’s looks that missed, I miss Cher’s over the top approach to life and dress. Some look better than others but no one seems to look terrible. I miss that. When Fashion Police was on TV, often times hosts and guests got in trouble for being “mean”. People must have been listening. Lesson learned: Like the honest mirror or not, it works. There were less badly dressed attendees. In fact no badly dressed attendees.
  6. Chanel lives. Chanel will live because Billie Eilish wore Chanel to the Oscars. So did Penelope Cruz. 19-year old Eilish wore Chanel along with figuratively her ten Grammy awards. How great for Chanel that this young icon came in the double C. Lesson learned: even if you are one of the most famous brands in the world, you need youth if you want to have a future.

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