5 Communication Awards from the Final Democratic Debate

The Academy Awards have their Oscars and I have my awards after each presidential debate, Republican and Democrat. The fourth and final Democratic debate took place on after two exciting play-off games. Some say no one watches on a Sunday night and others say that a week-end is a good time for a debate!

Figure out how a lesson from each of these awards could help you in your communication, help you stand out in a positive way in your crowded field.

1. My first award is the PLEASE STOP SCREAMING Award. I swear Bernie Sanders and Larry David are the same person. Just like the joke that Latoya and Michael were the same person. Yelling worked on Curb Your Enthusiasm but for a statesman, a president? It wears after awhile and you just want to say, use your inside voice please.

2. The second award is the YOU LOOK LIKE A GOP candidate award. Really. Turn off the sound and just look at Martin O’Malley and you would swear he was a GOP candidate. That could actually help him in a general election if he ever got there.

3. The third award is the ABSENTEE Award. Bill Clinton’s name was mentioned more times than the other candidates! He didn’t even have to show up, didn’t have to prepare, or press the flesh. His name was mentioned so often one might think he was running. Maybe he is.

4. The fourth award is the YUCK Award. This award goes to host Andrea Mitchell. She asked Bernie Sanders about Bill Clinton’s less than stellar activity. It was very uncomfortable for a multitude of reasons: Hillary was standing next to him, no one wants to see a 74 year old talk about sex, and it was just uncomfortable.

5. The fifth award goes to the INVISIBLE MAN. Minutes after the debate there was Bill at Hillary’s side. One minute he is absent, one minute he is invisible, and one minute he is right there being charming and funny and reminding us why we liked him regardless of politics.

This was the final debate of either party before the Iowa and New Hampshire primaries. GOOD. I am tired of the debates and I luv this stuff. On to the primaries to see what the INVISIBLE FORCE, momentum, will do to this race.

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