5 Lessons from the 2018 Emmys

I love the Emmys. I love all award shows. I love the red carpet, the boring speeches, and the bad pre-planned chatter between co-presenters. I love it all.

So many examples of what to do and what not to do. A reminder that when the most talented people in the world can’t always get it right, the  “it” is hard. It is hard to be funny, be concise, and be relevant.

A couple shout outs to:

  1. Jeff Bridges thanked his horse Apollo. One time a recipient thanked his dog sitter. This was the first time a horse got thanked.
  2. Loved Michael Douglas as he gave his prototype of the anti-good loser speech. He said what many of us think when we are not named, for any award. That we were robbed and will remain bitter until the pine box descends into the ground.
  3. How difficult it would be to have Diana Ross as your mother. Skinny beautiful most Supreme of the Supremes. It doesn’t seem to have bothered Tracee Ellis Ross. Her pink Valentino dress was a stand-out unless you had to sit next to her.
  4. There was NO podium. Really, no podium. Sometimes that happens to you too. Be prepared for NO podium when you speak. Downside for you, what do I do with my notes. Upside for audience nothing between the speaker and the audience.
  5. In the intro host Michael Che said his mother didn’t like the Emmys because white people don’t think Jesus enough. So when Thandie Newton won, she said I don’t believe in god but I am going to thank her



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