A 2016 Consequence of Breaking My Rules

I have developed my 50+ Rules of Communication. Rule #1 is that there are rules. Rule #2 is that there are consequences for breaking the rules. The Rules of Communication apply to ALL communication and that includes presidential primaries as well as the communication of mere mortals.

Sometimes it seems as though people like candidates get away with breaking the rules. They break the rules and seem to suffer no consequence. Which makes it difficult for me to say that the Rules apply to everyone and all situations.

And then the clouds clear and a little ray of sunshine appears. This past week-end many wealthy GOP donors convened at The Venetian in Las Vegas. They met, they talked, and no one conquered them or their finances. It appears that dispirited over a Republican Party primary that has devolved into an ugly, damaging fight, some of the GOP’s biggest financiers are reevaluating whether to invest in the 2016 presidential contest at all.

So there is the consequence. The GOP primaries, the debates, and many of the candidates have broken the rules of civility and good manners in addition to the rules communication. One consequence the remaining three are now paying is that the deep pocketed ones do not want to open their pockets. Afraid of the damage of the low popularity of a Trump or Cruz the deep pockets are considering investing their money in races “down the ticket” or issue races rather than the race to the White House.

Four years ago one donor alone, Sheldon Adelson, donated 100 million dollars. That kind of money can make a difference even if you are a billionaire. But not always enough of a difference to win the election, just ask Mitt Romney.

All I care about is that there is vindication in life for breaking the rules. The deep pockets are not opening their pockets because of the lack of civility. A small victory for following the rules . . . the rules of the playground or The Golden Rule.

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