Are You Ready to Make a Decision? Probably Not

You may think you want to make a decision, are ready to make a decision, or “should” make a decision.  Probably Not.

Often people think they are in the decision making phase or want to be in the decision making phase. But they are really in the information gathering phase. Let’s take Mary for example.

Mary is interviewing for a job, while still at her job. Her current job is 9 minutes from her home, making her total round trip commute 18 minutes a day: 20 minutes in traffic.

A recruiter asked her to interview for a job with a 50 minute commute each way. Her 20 minute commute would grow to almost 2 hours a day. With 3 children at home, Mary is not sure she wants to interview for a job that would make her commute 5x longer.

I told her she is not ready to Say No. She needs to interview and get more information. She is in the information gathering phase she is not in the decision making phase. She is not even in the phase to make a decision to not interview. She needs more information of all kinds.

What if she went to the interview and found out that she could work remotely one day a week or one week a month? Would that information change her decision making?

What if she had a 3 day week in-house? Would that change her decision? What if she learned the facility was moving or opening a satellite closer to her? Would that change her decision making?

While job seeking candidates sometimes look at the entry level salary –  what if the salary came with 100% flexibility? What that change the decision making process?

I believe in my clients and I refer to their Inner Brilliance. I tell them just get into the organization. Once in your Inner Brilliance will shine.

Perhaps you think a seminar doesn’t give you enough continuing education credits. Or a perspective client isn’t big enough or would never leave their current vendor.

Do you have enough information? Probably not. Perhaps they are unhappy with a new policy or person and are looking to change vendors. Perhaps their #1 resource retired or moved away.

Over and over again I find people think they are ready to make a decision when really they are in the decision making phase.


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