Cam Newton: What Does Your Visual Say About You?

We know in the world of communication the visual beats verbal’s butt. Which means that the audience pays much more attention to what the speaker looks like than they do the words.

In the case of a president, the audience supposedly is impressed with the visual of the Seal of the President and the specter of Air Force One. In the case of Joe Namath, between his pantyhose commercial and his full length fur coat, he never received the respect he should have as a quarterback. EVEN with a Super Bowl win.  His visual got in the way of his skills.

Now the world has Cam Newton and his Versace skinny jeans. Cam Newton has pushed the accepted limits of what is acceptable to the world from an NFL quarterback.

He “dabs” and many in the sports world did not like his end zone dancing. Then he led his team to 15-1 and the Super Bowl. Peyton Manning is one kind of leader and Cam Newton, a different generation, is another kind of leader.

Cam Newton has the stats to prove himself. His VISUAL is just different than the Tom Brady’s of the world. THEN AGAIN, when Tom Brady first wore Uggs the world stopped breathing for a moment.

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