How Do You Craft A Powerful Speech For Yourself And Your Clients?

Pray for divine intervention . . . really. You have to be inspired by something. It has to come from the heart in some way. Americans, whether your  audience or voters, know authenticity. Mitt Romney will not win if he does not connect through the heart with American voters. Look within first, find that powerful message that comes from a powerful place. You need to know so much. Read the Sunday New York Times to know a little about many topics from pop culture to business. I had to write a speech for a client that I had met just once. I found divine intervention in the New York Times in an article about the Chrysler commercial “Halftime in America”. I knew about the commercial. Reading about the background, the numbers, gave me the impetus to write a speech I entitled “Halftime in NE “Ohio. Be inspired then follow the rules of effective speaking. Open with a wow, 3 main points, and end on a thought provoking note with a call for action.

Remember, thank you’s are boring.

It is a lot to remember and a lot to do. That is why busy important people, or people who want to be important hire me.

They can spend their time being effective in their jobs rather than crafting a powerful speech.

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