Chris Christie and Consistent Clarity

They say politics makes strange bedfellows. Interestingly enough, the “they” in this saying is Shakespeare and the quote is from his play The Tempest.

I wouldn’t say that Chris Christie and I are “bedfellows”. I can’t imagine a world in which I would vote for the former governor. However if he needed my $5.00 to get to the 40,000 donor threshold to make it on stage for the primary debates, I would be there with my $5.00 all day long.

You might ask WHY?

One thing I like and admire about Christie is his ability to communicate with clarity. I use the scalpel metaphor, with precision he cuts out his truth and serves it on a silver platter like a well-honed surgeon.

When you listen to him you don’t wonder how he feels on a topic.  You pretty much know it clearly. Compare some of Nikki Haley’s answers in her Town Hall with Christie’s answers in his Town Hall. I don’t think there was a listener anywhere that understood where Haley stood on “woke”. There isn’t a listener anywhere that DOESN’T understand where Christie stood on Trump. The difference is clarity.

I can’t say that clarity will make him a viable candidate. I don’t know that primary voters want clarity. I can tell you that if you want to know what clarity sounds like, listen to Chris Christie. Whether it is in his DNA, his seven years as an attorney for the federal government, or his desire to enhance this particular set of communication skills, he is the only candidate who communicates with clarity consistently. #christie #debates

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