Do Real Men Wear Pashmina?

We all know that the visual is an important component in protecting our value. One of our challenges is how each generation communicates through their visual: a leather briefcase versus a backpack, Steve Jobs black turtleneck versus a corporate tie.

President Trump‘s new economic advisor Larry Kudlow took this discussion to a new level when he mocked Facebook‘s Mark Zuckerberg for fashion choices he had not yet made!  The now defunct show Fashion Police at least waited until the celebrity actually wore the dress before criticizing it.

Zuckerberg, Jobs, and Obama had in common the same reason for basically repetitive dress. They didn’t want to take time every day to plan or think about what they were going to wear. So Mark went for the T-shirt or hoodie, Steve for the black turtleneck and black jeans, and Barack for dark suit and white shirt. In the old days, pre Shark Tank, Mark Cuban went for black T and jeans.

Here is the fly in the ointment. When Cuban’s Mavericks won the NBA Championship, he did wear a suit to the White House. We kinda have to wait until the deed has been done before we comment on it.

When Kudlow, completely unsolicited, asked rhetorically “Is he going to behave like an adult? Or give me this phony boloney, what is it, hoodies and dungarees? Dungarees? When is the last time you used the word Dungarees?

I would say that Kudlow calling out Zuckerberg for “dungarees” says more about how out of touch

this 70 year old white man is, than what it says about Zuckerberg. Wikipedia refers to the word dungaree as a historical word. The person using it may as well be a dinosaur.

He went on during his rant to ask, “Is he gonna behave like an adult?”  When did the word gonna become good grammar? This is a tough question to take from a grown man violating grammar rules wearing a lavender pashmina scarf.

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