Do You Ask for What You Need?

I am bravely hosting my first in-person event in what will be 18 months when it happens on August 15.

Covid style we will use the atrium of my building so we can socially distance, attendance is limited, and exercises requiring closer proximity were eliminated.

Still, I fell two short of my goal number of attendees. What to do?

I made a list of people I could think of that would have children in my target age group of 15 – 26. The list was short. I worked a little harder at adding to the list. First I emailed, then I made coffee dates and call dates.

I think of it as hand-to-hand combat. In war you can send in a drone or you can engage in hand-to-hand. Often our marketing requires what I refer to as hand-to-hand combat. Constant contact can send emails from now to doomsday. It is not the same as a personal ask.

One coffee date “got it” as soon as I talked about Camp Next. What if you knew at 15 or 20 years old what you learned at 30, or 40 or 50? This date not only wanted to send her children, she wanted to attend also! Who among us always remembers which bread plate is yours or which water glass?

I am still two short of my goal. But I have several irons in the fire AND my campaign has gotten me to talk to some people that I would not have had real live conversation with at this time. I start out directly saying, “ I need your help”.

I need your help:

Camp Next for the Next Generation of Leaders with FIVE EXPERTS TO HEAR FROM

August 15, 12:30 – 4:00

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