Do you remember where you were in 1985, when “We Are the World” was released?

Funny to think of it now being released as a single, in both 7-inch and 12-inch vinyl formats. If you were around then, it was consuming. It was played at the same time on March 7, everywhere in the world.

Netflix has a new documentary The Greatest Night in Pop. An hour and a half of the sheer joy of pulling back the curtains on the making of We Are the World, the concept, the night, the people and the menu of what was eaten in the middle of the night during a break.

It’s fascinating to watch. You can’t take your eyes off the screen, like a car crash without the crash. So many lessons to be learned.

Bruce Springsteen never flew the day after a concert, but he did for this.

Dionne Warwick flew in from Vegas, without knowing why, because Quincy asked.

Prince didn’t show because he didn’t think he had a solo. Cyndi Lauper was selected over Madonna, only knew Billy Joel, and had to remove her jewelry because it echoed.

MJ was the first one in the studio and rehearsed until others came. Springsteen drove up in a GTO and thought his voice was not great. Billy Joel arrived with Christie. Diana Ross was the last to leave because she didn’t want it to be over.

No partners, no agents, no staff were allowed in the studio. Quincy handwrote a sign that said, Leave egos at the door.

Some would have solos and some only chorus, Quincy told them all to “lean in” to their partner. Quincy was the strategist and Lionel the tactician. Stevie took three weeks to call back so he sang but did not co-write.

Huey Lewis was so nervous his legs were shaking, John Denver was excluded and so was Cher. The room had to be cleared so Bob Dylan could sing he was so nervous, and Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder led each other to the bathroom when no one else was around.

Lionel Ritchie hosted the Grammy’s and won six, before going into the studio at midnight. And you think you had a hard day? #wearetheworld #grammys #netflix

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