Ebay Didn’t Delight this Customer

I had a very bad experience with eBay recently.

Really, really bad experience.

They are so far from customer “delight” that can’t see it in the rearview mirror or the dashboard mirror.

I can’t believe the poor customer service that the “customer service” person was forced to give because of their policies.

In a time when “customer delight” is the bar for most companies, their rep fell far short of “service”.

On January 1, 2018 I purchased an item through eBay: booties for my dog.

I wrote about this purchase before. I tried to go to a local brick and mortar store to support local business. I went to three stores. THEY had never ordered the item for the season.

So I turned to eBay. I purchased a size Medium. They took weeks to come in and when they did they were horrid. They would not fit a doll size dog.

Communication was challenging because the seller was in China. I would email my dissatisfaction. It took so long to hear back. Seller offered me a discount if I kept them. What would I do with tiny doll size booties?

I sent them back. Long story short I can’t get my credit of $7.79. I called eBay. I was told that eBay could do nothing since it was longer than 60 days. But it was longer than 60 days because the seller was so poor at communicating. Their communication was either slow or they just would not answer.

I can’t believe that eBay’s integrity is not worth $7.79.  

I confirmed with their customer service that eBay would do nothing, and that is what she said.

To the CEO I wrote: A seller on eBay can misrepresent their product and sell incorrect inferior product, then not answer the buyer, let the 60 days run out, and that is OK with eBay? Is that right?

I am so disappointed with eBay.

I emailed the CEO of eBay. In 20 hours I so far I have not heard from anyone at eBay.

Will keep the blog posted.


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