How Tim Ryan Found His Mojo

A week ago, a Tim Ryan supporter asked me a question.

“If”, he asked, “I can get your suggestions to Tim, what would you suggest he do to improve?”

This question was posed while the second night of the second debate was in progress.

I answered that he could do three things. #1 in whatever limited time he got in the debates or any interview, he needs to connect to an issue he feels passionate about. When he talks about other issues, he is flat. His job is to bring any question around to a topic about which he feels strongly. Interestingly enough, Andrew Yang does just that with whatever question he is asked.

A few days later Dayton happened. As a congressman from the same state and as a presidential candidate, he has been interviewed often.

This Tim Ryan, the one who cares strongly about gun control, is on fire when he answers interviewer’s questions.

I have heard him on the radio more than I have seen him, but this Tim Ryan is passionate, witty, direct, and he takes no prisoners. When talking about guns and this recent tragedy, he found his mojo.

The challenge for Tim and all of us is to look and sound like we found our mojo without the impetus of a national tragedy.

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