I Found a New Bobby Kennedy in an Unlikely Source

In the history of western civilization, no human has ever answered questions as well as Bobby Kennedy, the 1964 -1968 edition.

His impromptu speech from the back of a pickup truck in Indianapolis on the eve of MLK’s death is rated the 17th best speech of the last century. Yet it is his ability to answer “gotcha” questions that I admire the most. He listened to the question as if he had never heard it before, then answered with a smile, charm, and facts spun together to make verbal gold.

“Isn’t it true”, the college student snarkily asked, “you are using the Senate seat as a jumping off point?”

In his answer RFK says, “I’m not sure where I would jump off to”. And goes on to explain what at the time was the certain candidacy of an incumbent.

I recently saw and heard Cleveland Mayor Justin Bibb. In a Q & A format he became Bobby Kennedy reincarnated: the smile, the charm, the grasp of serious issues.

Being mayor of a big city is not easy today. Because it’s not easy, the rewards could be great. Americans are thirsty for leadership. Sometimes strong man tactics masquerade as leadership.

Maybe with his JD, MBA, and RFK-esque style, he can be the real thing. #CLE #mayorbibb #kennedy

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