My MVP for BEST SPEAKER at the DNC: Amongst a Buffett of Great Speeches

The contrast between the RNC and the DNC was huge. I was a guest at the Cleveland RNC and I heard many of those speakers in person. I watched from my family room couch enraptured with the quality of DNC speakers night after night.

Americans saw two different standards of speakers. The RNC selected “every man” speakers. Partly because so many GOP standard-bearers did not want to bear witness to this convention and partly I suppose they wanted less polished speakers to fit their “outside the beltway” persona. The Democrats filled each night with one speaking powerhouse after another. Which standard people watching in their homes preferred I don’t know. I do know which speaking standard I preferred and my favorite speaker from the DNC.

I disliked the lack of preparedness of the everyman speakers at the RNC. They often meandered, went on too long, either repeated their point over and over or never got to their point.

The Dems started strong with Michelle Obama. Always a strong speaker she hit it out of the ball park. Her line, every morning I wake up in a house built by slaves, will I believe, be repeated and repeated for most of our lives.

Bill Clinton, who used to be one of the best, was good. The president was out of his mind good and Hillary was as good as she could be. Tim Kaine, the dad on any sitcom, surprised in his effectiveness.

To me, at this event, at this time in our history and in the election process, one speaker stood high and above the rest. I give my vote for BEST SPEAKER to Michael Bloomberg.

Who you think is best at anything depends on your perspective. Are you looking for the fastest, the tallest, prettiest, sturdiest, there really is no such thing as best. I give Bloomberg the BEST SPEAKER award because I used CLARITY AS MY criteria.

He had more clarity than any other speaker. Clarity has a great value in our world.

President Obama had it when he said Hillary was more qualified to be president than Barack had been and more qualified than BILL was. Bloomberg had it from beginning to end.

If your dog was listening, your dog would be clear on Mayor Bloomberg’s message. FLOTUS was flowery and POTUS was poetic. I give my vote to BEST SPEAKER to Michael Bloomberg because he gave us the gift of CLARITY.


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