How 21st Century are You?

The charging stations of the 21st century are like the playgrounds of the 20th century. Adults hovering around: sometimes feigning interest in other adults and other times exhibiting more interest in inanimate objects like books and phones. When you think...
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5 Communication Perspectives from the RNC

1. Its not Red or Blue Just Boring This RNC had a different schedule of speakers than the traditional convention. The first night was mostly what I refer to as “amateur” speakers. Amateur speakers are people who are professional in...
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Develop Leadership Skills

Leslie explains that leadership can get messy. You have to communicate your vision with the clarity and confidence to get buy-in. Leaders have to speak, and they have to speak effectively.

Adopt the No Excuse Policy

Leslie stresses the importance of taking responsibility for our own actions. She provides suggestions on how to be empowered and take yourself to the next level of excellence.

Make Your Own Positive Steps

Leslie explains that often, we get in our own way by limiting our own options. She stresses the importance of exploring new ways and different options to accomplish our goals to prevent getting stuck in a rut.

Identify, Communicate and Protect Your Value

Leslie discusses the importance of identifying your value, communicating your value, and protecting your value. How well can you answer the question, “so what do you do?”      

Tips on Presenting to Company Leaders

Leslie explains every time we speak, it is a selling situation. It is important to begin with a wow, begin where you want to end, and have a call for action.