Thank You Gale.

I don’t want this to be a eulogy. I would rather it be a thank you. As a coach, some clients come and go in my professional life. While others come and stay for a while, short or long. I would rather say, Thank you Gale than eulogize her all too short life.

The coaching process can be an intimate process for some clients. Sometimes I know things no other person in the world may know. I am a safe place because my clients don’t see me every day. My relationship with some clients can be closer and more intense than people they see every day of their lives. Perhaps that is whey I would rather say Thank You Gale than good-bye forever.

If I lived until 1000, I would not have a tenth the sweetness of Gale. Sometimes I would urge her to be less understanding, less pliable, and less forgiving. But deep down I admired a sweetness that has to be born, it just can’t be collected along the way.

Those big blue eyes looked with wonder at everything and everyone. Thank you Gale for reminding me of the wonder that is everywhere.

Gale was a mom of young kids with a husband with a demanding job, she oversaw the building of her dream house and then chose to work in a profession in which she thought she could contribute. She wanted to learn and grow, continue to challenge herself and to get better at things she was already good at. Thank you Gale for reminding me that you can try to do everything at the same time.

Although she could not have weighed much more than 100 pounds, her love of her family was as big as the world. I feel so badly that those kids she adored so much, will not know the mom who loved them with a sweet and kind and patient love that knew no bounds THANK you Gale for reminding me that pure love exists.

Gale was so proud of her husband. She believed in his integrity. She knew he would not stay in a workplace that lacked integrity. Thank you Gale for reminding me that spouses can respect each other in addition to love each other.

Like a shooting star that blazes across the sky, your life was too short. I thank you for all the lessons you taught me. You will live in a place in my heart forever.


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