The Value of Plain Speaking

In a recent interview on Morning Joe, Hillary Clinton was asked about optimism. She quoted her friend, Madeleine Albright, who said she was an optimist who worried alot. Hillary went on to say that she was optimistic that people could still get together to get good stuff done. Good stuff done.

It struck me, why couldn’t she have talked like that during the campaign? To dumb down is never the answer. The lesson here is not to dumb down and the lesson is not about Hillary. It is about ALL OF US.

The lesson is to talk “plainly” when we most want to be profound. To fight some genetic defect within so many of us, that thinks the bigger the word and the more profound the thought, the better people will like us, vote for us, promote us, hire us, or donate to us.

Get good stuff done. The challenge is for all of us to figure out how we take the simplicity of this phrase and interpret it in our own lives. Go get good stuff done. #leadership

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