There is such thing as a DO-OVER: Tiger Says So

I remember that fateful Thanksgiving 2008: the golf club, the mug shot, the smashed car, the scratched face and the improbable story to cover it all. Not since Greek mythology had a god fallen so far. Let alone so fast.

I used to use Tiger Woods as an example. Wearing what became his signature Sunday red, he beat his opponents as much with mental toughness as physical prowess. Actually he helped his opponents beat themselves.

And then came the stories. He went from hero to villain in warp speed. Was he sorry for his actions or sorry he got caught?

Then he became human with surgery after surgery and failure after failure at love. Then came the Master’s of 2019. His fifth green coat. America cheered him. His family cheered. The world cheered. His opponent’s cheered him.

America can be very forgiving.


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