Today’s Internet Trolls-Get a Real Job

All kinds of studies say that today’s students will have jobs that don’t even exist today. This has been true for awhile; people are doing jobs that did not exist when they were in grade school or high school or college.

Recently I had a very unpleasant encounter with what I am calling Internet TROLLS. People making a living trolling the Internet. Think about it, this job did not exist 20 years ago.

We have learned to look for images on the Internet that are not owned by Shutterstock or someone else. I would guess most people are respectful or what they know as copyright laws.

When I blog on my site or on LinkedIn I look for photos that are not copyrighted. So imagine my surprise when I received numerous letters in the mail telling me I infringed on copyright laws. I was assessed a penalty. Not by the government, by a TROLL.

I have come to learn that just because a photo is on line or was used by another source does not mean you can use it. You have to go to copyright free sights.

THE TROLLS say they are looking out for the photographers. I doubt that. I DOUBT THAT any money they collect goes to anyone but their own pocket.

Look out for these TROLLS. Go to the actual website, Twitter account or Facebook for a picture you want to use; or a copyright free sight.

TROLLING for dollars is a career choice that did not exist a few years ago.

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