Tressel Lessons Re-Visited

This week Jim Tressel, President of Youngstown State, is speaking at the AIPAC Cleveland event. He recently returned from a trip to Israel and will speak to 500 interested audience members.

Thinking of Tressel, reminded me of taking his 16 week class on coaching a couple of years ago. So I dusted off my 162 lessons that I compiled from 14 guest speakers. I share ten of them with you:

  1. Coach Kehres was asked how he stayed motivated to reach and maintain his 93% winning ratio. Driven by fear for 18 years as head coach was his answer.
  2. React to a loss with pride. Communicate pride to players rather than anger or disappointment
  3. Loss-don’t blame players blame coaches who oversaw practice and came up with game plans
  4. Girl’s SB coach- beginning of season coach reviews each girl’s role if front of whole team. That way everyone is on the same page and each player can’t say you said anything any differently.
  5. Best player fits the way you play
  6. Staff more challenging than people think. Hold them accountable, listen to them, have guys that see things differently, trust them to do their job
  7. Observe more than coach
  8. Planning and strategy are the best ways to create advantage
  9. Great leaders don’t get distracted
  10. Commit goals to writing  and you have a 75% better chance of fulfillment


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