What You and LeBron Have in Common

Saturday night The LeBron James Family Foundation was a sponsor for the “Graduate Together: America Honors the High School Class of 2020.” LeBron was the host to high school seniors and celebrities like President Obama.

He did an awesome job displaying admiration, gratitude and forward thinking. He did at least some of it while swaying.

If you have ever attended one of my Video & You sessions you have heard me address swaying. It is one of the most difficult habits to stop because even if I nailed your shoes to the ground you could still sway as if leaning into a wave on a surfboard. To stop swaying it is more mental than physical, you have to focus on it but not laser focus.

The reason it is important is that the speaker is lucky if audience members remember one thing about them. You don’t want that one thing to be that you were swaying. At the same time our goal is to be effective not perfect. LeBron swayed yet LeBron was still effective: proving my theory.

While I do believe swaying needs to be addressed, it does not prevent you, or LeBron, from being effective.

The really well tailored jacket was a plus too!



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