Why a Smooth Transition is Important

I have a small office. I am not the federal government or a large company. But I have seen first-hand how a rough transition hurts everyone. Several years ago I was interviewing for a new assistant. One candidate applied who happened to have worked for a client of mine. So in the effort to do due diligence, I called the executive assistant to get some background on this person.

Gail warned me of one thing. She said that the candidate, we will name Merissa, didn’t work well with other women. I thought PERFECT – She would not be working with a group of women in my office. I hired her. What I missed in this projection was that she would need to work with me.

About a year and half into her role with me it was apparent that it was not working out. SHE chose to leave. SHE CHOSE TO LEAVE. We agreed on an exit date.

I interviewed prospective candidates while she was not in the office. Even though it was her choice to leave, I thought it was a thoughtful gesture to not parade her successor candidates past her in real time.

Eventually I chose her replacement. Imagine my surprise when Merissa REFUSED to orient her in any way to any of her job responsibilities. REFUSED to offer any help whatsoever. The assistant prior to her had even come in on Saturdays to help Merissa be familiar and up to speed on processes from accounting to computer needs.

We managed. My CPA stepped in, my tech guy stepped in. It would have been a lot smoother if there had been a transition between the outgoing and the incoming.

Our country deserves a smooth transition.

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