Why Almost Isn’t Good Enough: For You or From You

Recently we stayed at a different hotel while visiting family. The location we usually prefer was booked for a big event. Upon check-in we found that Al Roker was on vacation with his daughter staying at our hotel. I assume he doesn’t slum while on vacation.

This hotel was like the little engine that almost could. Try as it might, it couldn’t get up the hill. The work out room had treadmills, each with their own built in TV. Yeah! The problem was that the TV’s in the work out facility did not get the same stations as the TV’s in the guest’s room. So if you left your room with the Cavs game on and assumed you could watch it while working out, you would be wrong!

The health club opened at 6am.You might say YEAH! Except that the adjoining spa did not open until 9am. The headphones to plug into the TV/Treadmills were all under lock and key in the spa until 9 am. Another almost good service provided.

The hotel was nice enough to leave one robe on the hook on the back of the bathroom door. Except that there were two guests registered. Almost!

The first night the maid left a chocolate square on each pillow. No chocolate was left after that. If you ran into the maid in the hall, she would give more to you upon request. But either continue the chocolate every day or don’t start. Almost a nice gesture.
The pool area had food service, a YEAH! Except that at 3pm on a Saturday the food service was no longer available at the pool. Why?

The kitchen was still open and serving on another level. So why not serve the guests gathered around the pool? Another almost.

The question for you and for all of us is, are we almost? Do we offer a product or a service and think that is enough? Do we think that we created delight? Or do we fall one robe, one piece of chocolate, or one headset locked away, SHORT?

PS Al Roker was on vacation with his about college age daughter. He read his phone, she was on her BEATS, he walked on the beach, she jogged on the treadmill, they never appeared to speak. Like family vacations everywhere.

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