Why Do We Hate to Use the Phone as a Phone?

When Alexander Graham Bell invented the phone it must have created a lot of excitement. Can you imagine how exciting it was to hear sound over the phone the first time? Yet today we avoid the phone as though it was the plague or worse yet the Zika virus. We will use the phone to take pictures, text, email, search the Internet, catch up with Facebook, look up sports scores and the NASDAQ, but we won’t use the phone as a phone.

The smartphone is a glorious invention. In a very short period of time, it is as though it has been a part of our life forever. Yet all of the wonderful uses of the phone don’t replace its value as a phone. There are simply times that a phone all would be the best use of the phone.

It just isn’t enough to text someone and say, “Well I texted you”.

You are late for an appointment, need to cancel an appointment, want to make up or break up, hook up or never see the person again. It doesn’t matter. Whatever the purpose it would be better accomplished over the phone.

A self-proclaimed “doucher” listed reasons why he doesn’t answer his phone. Reason #6 was because it’s awkward. See that is why I think the caller should call and the answerer should answer, because it is awkward. We need those awkward conversations. We can’t always avoid them or have them through email. This context may not be ideal for the recipient and it may not be pleasant and the recipient may think there are more productive ways to accomplish the same thing. I beg to differ.

PICK UP THE PHONE. Pick up the phone to give a message and PICK UP THE PHONE when you see that someone is actually calling you.

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