Your Input Appreciated!

I had an idea and created curriculum to address what I think is a need for individuals and for organizations as we move forward to a new normal world. Any input would be appreciated.

Post-Covid University: Re-Invent, Re-Vise and Re-Visit Skills You Perfected Before the World Changed

We all have been “on the bench” for a year. Are those networking skills you honed to perfection a little rusty? How will you be at attending a meeting in person after a year of virtual-head-shot-only attendance? How will presenting in person be different than presenting on zoom . . . did you know it was different? To shake hands or not shake hands, have you decided? Have you thought about eye contact in a face-to-face world?

This 3 session program will help your C-level as well as your Gen C level acclimate back to a world outside of the basement or the dining room table. Team members and your organization as a whole will reduce what experts refer to as “angst, anxiety and ambivalence” as we return to the workplace and beyond.

3 Sessions: Coming Back from COVID will cover:

  • Return of In-Person Networking
  • Business Meeting Etiquette
  • How NetWORKing is different and how to DO IT now
  • Increase In-Person Confidence and Self-Esteem
  • When to be in person and when virtual will do
  • How work attire changes after working remote
  • Who picks up the check when back in a restaurant
  • The difference between virtual and in-person presentations and PowerPoint                                                                                                                          
  • Less non-productive time by all individuals figuring out re-entry
  • Shorter re-entry to productive client presentations
  • Meeting communication achieves more focused and productive results
  • Increase internal and external positive communications and impressions
  • Team members with post Covid communication skills
  • Less opportunities left on the table – any table

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