A Speech Writer is Like a Personal Trainer

In many ways the concept of a speech writer is much like the concept of a personal trainer: fine for Hollywood, but not for the Average Joe. Perhaps you think a speech writer makes sense for a president but not for you.

More and more we see the Average Joe taking advantage of the benefits of a personal trainer, I think using a speech writer is very similar. Neither profession can completely do it for you, but we can make the best use of your time and give you a superior product.

Many approach a speech, a presentation, a PowerPoint or a toast the same way they approach working out; as a dreaded task to get out of the way quickly and without much planning. They categorize it as “something to just get done”. You will benefit from a speechwriter who will free up your time while at the same time make you a priority. You deserve a speech that sounds like you – only better.

It begins as a collaborative effort and then I do the work. I “pull things out of you” that you may not even know are buried inside! And it will truly sound like you . . . your best you. The “you” that it would sound like if you had the training and the time to write it yourself. But you get to take all the credit for increasing your visibility and viability in your company and in your profession.

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