A Tale of Two TV Guests: In-person or Zoom?

There is at least one positive development that grew out of the pandemic. Guests on the TV show that I host used to come in person to the studio. It was not possible to draw guests from outside of NE Ohio.

And then came covid. The upside is that thanks to zoom we can have guests who live in another country. The downside is that local guests may also choose zoom.

When Howard Stern interviewed Bruce Springsteen, the Boss was the one who insisted on an in-person interview. He was right. It would have been different and lesser on zoom when he took out his guitar and played.

Recently I invited two guests to be on Forum 360 for 1pm and 2pm shows. They chose to come in person. They literally crossed paths in the studio. Meeting each other was like reuniting with a long last friend.

I believe something good will come out of meeting each other in person. I don’t know what and I don’t know when. Whatever it is that will happen between these two, chances are it would not have happened if either one had decided to show up on zoom rather than in-studio.#forum360 #coaching

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