What is a “Customer Delight”?

Recently I loaded my car to then unload at Goodwill. I had saved things for two months to make this trip. Scheduled it into my day first thing in the morning. I put things in the back of my SUV and the backseat.

I get there and see a sign that says CLOSED. Furthermore the sign instructed to not leave anything when CLOSED. This is 9am on a week-day morning.

The store did not open until 10am. I could argue the hours but OK, I accepted that I was not going to be able to get rid of the things in my car on this morning. I pulled over to make room in the back compartment so at least I didn’t have to look at that one box I had put in the back seat. Out of sight, out of mind – right?

As I am moving that one box, a gentleman comes out of the building to admonish me to NOT leave anything. I informed him that I was simply moving the box. As he went back in the building, he said “have a nice day”.

To which under my breath I said, ‘it would be if you would take my stuff”.

In my perfect world Customer Service would be Customer Delight. I was neither served nor delighted. Could this gentleman have just taken my stuff?

In our computerized world, he didn’t even have to give me any paper work. You drop off and then go on line to print out any receipt.

If this person worked for themselves, would they have helped an early customer? If they were their own boss, would they have helped a client?

If they were incentivized, would I have been allowed to unload pre service hours?

Would it have changed some world order if I could have dropped off? #customerdelight

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