Am I the Only One Sick to Their Stomach After this Debate? And No One Seems to Mind.

I wrote these comments minutes after Sunday’s debate. I sat on them for three days.

Here goes:

I am sick to my stomach. Did I watch the same debate as everyone else watched? I am so bothered by Trump and others don’t seem to see it.

He was such a bully: verbally, visually and vocally.. Can you picture Obama pacing and hovering over Hillary during a debate? Can you picture Romney hovering over Obama or Obama pacing around Romney while the other was speaking? A man hovering over his female opponent. And no one seemed to mind.

I saw a candidate for president who rather than apologize, minimized. his own words on tape said that he committed sexual assault. He basically used the defense, I only killed six people not twelve. That my words were not as bad as ISUS was his defense. And no one seemed to mind.

One candidate running for president actually said he would jail his opponent. And no one seemed to mind.

A candidate brought up infidelities, not of the candidate, that are 18 years old, brought women involved in the maybe infidelities.  And no one seemed to mind.

He whined like a child, “you gave her more time than me.” And no one seemed to mind.

He evidenced no understanding of our system of government, as though one senator can go to Washington and change everything. And no one seemed to mind.


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