Hell Must Have Frozen Over – I Agree with Sarah Palin

The pundits and wives tales have said that you should never say never. Michael Jordan and Justin Bieber said, never say never, so it must be true. Taylor Swift, David Beckham and Miranda Kerr said it too. I’m not sure I truly believed it . . .  until now.

I never thought I would agree with Sarah Palin about anything. Not “drill baby drill” or her Wasilla resume, her views on Bill Bye and climate change, or her denial of evolution. I guess I have lived long enough to find an issue on which I agree with Sarah Palin.

During the Vice Presidential debate, Sarah wrote on Facebook, “How is it that the dudes lucked out and got chairs over the last 20 years of VP debates minus one?”

Interesting observation. The most expensive or comfortable heels are not comfortable after standing for 90 minutes. Why was the only time the candidates were standing was the only time a woman was on the ticket?

A bigger question is, why did the McCain-Palin operatives agree to this format? Both sides agree on every detail of the stage. Did they think she was a stronger presence standing than sitting at a table with Joe?

I tell my clients that if you want to feel empowered and/or communicate empowerment then STAND UP. There are always two sides to the thinnest edge. If you stand up, you are more empowered. The other side of that edge is that you are standing in heels.

I don’t know what went into the decision to have the candidates stand in 2008 for the only time in 20 years. I hope that decision, like all of yours, was PURPOSEFUL.

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