Apply the Rule of Calm to the Oscars: Who Wins Rock or Smith?

One of the rules of leadership is the rule, Be Still. At least it is a rule according to the gospel of Leslie. As you ascend up the organizational chart you will find the higher up you go the more calm the leader. (The exception to the rule, makes the rule).

Apply this rule to the Oscars. No I am not done talking about “the slap” heard ‘round the world. Who was calm and who was not? Chris Rock was calm as Will Smith walked up on the stage as well as after “the slap”. I have never been slapped with an open hand with a pitcher’s warm up, but it appeared that Chris Rock remained calm.

The week since the slap has been good to Chris Rock. He was still and has remained still in any verbal or written comments, even admonishing hecklers to not use Will Smith’s name in a verbal taunt during Rock’s performances. It appears 99% of Americans believe he handled himself well. We know his career has not suffered.

“Be Still” does not apply to Will Smith. Not to his walk up to the stage. Not to “the slap”. Not to the saunter back to his seat or the verbal participation from his seat. Will Smith was not still.

Although he resigned from the Academy we don’t yet know what his punishment will be from this organization of peers. Collaborators like Netflix and Apple TV have put projects on hold. We don’t know if the hold is definite or indefinite.

What we do know is that one week out, the one who was STILL is in a much better place than the one who was not still. Coaches know to go back to basics whenever there is a hiccup on the road to victory. A basic of leadership is to “be still”.

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