Where Was Jada?

One of my rules in life is that if something is still bothering me a week later, I need to address it. Apparently, I am not done with the Oscars. Today is a different perspective. Let’s look at the role of the spouse or partner.

Years ago, prior to 9/11, Moshe and I were on a plane to Japan when we hit really bad turbulence. After literally dropping in the air, Moshe takes off his seat belt and utters the words I have not forgotten, “I am going to the cabin to talk to the captain”.

I put my hand inside his belt and said, “Sit down; they will shoot you like a mad dog”.

That is the role of a loved one. To protect the other loved one from doing something stupid and/or lethal. I have to ask, Where Was Jada?

When Will got up out of his seat, Where Was Jada?

As he walked the 60 feet to Chris Rock, Where Was Jada?

When Will got back to his seat and shouted expletives, Where Was Jada?

It our job first to protect ourselves. But when we lose our compass, shouldn’t we be able to count on a loved one to take or hand or sit us down by our belt? #Oscars2022

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