Are You Making Any of These Mistakes in a Virtual World?

You say you are a professional. Pre-Covid, you were probably right. What about in a Covid world – how would you rate your degree of professionalism on a daily basis?

You may remember the old Hollywood Squares with Whoopi Goldberg and Paul Lynde. The running joke was while they looked good from the shoulders up, they were wearing PJ’s and slippers from the waist down. Your life isn’t a TV show and you are not an actor possessing the ability to convince others of a different reality.

What do I mean? To communicate your value starts with your mindset. You will never convince me that you can communicate value, lead your team, win a pitch, and protect your perspective, while wearing sweat shorts, no deodorant, and no bra.

I have created a webinar to address professionalism in a virtual world. Here are 3 of my SINS from this presentation:

  1. Zoom, Skype, Google.Meet from BED. No one can look professional while leaning against pillows and a head board.
  2. Video Off. It is challenging enough to connect with people on zoom, nearly impossible when people turn off their video. I may sound like Marie Antoinette; everyone has 3 feet of background that would work better than a bed frame.
  3. Mis-use of chat room. The chat room is like the public square or the old party line.  A message in the chat room is not private.

Americans have worn less deodorant and more perfume since shut-ins of any sort began. Only 3% of people working remote dress professionally. These are important because how you dress and how well-groomed you are comes through in your verbal, vocal and visual. I am trying to protect your value, ARE YOU?

Ask me about my webinar customized for your company.

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